Masarap Ba? This NEW Salted Caramel Dessert Is Too Good To Pass Up

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If frozen treats are a staple in your grocery list, you might have probably seen gelato-in-a-tub in supermarkets called Grom. Just in case you're wondering if the price is worth it, Grom's gelato is the real deal with flavors like Stracciatella, Pistacchio, Nocciola, Crema di Grom, Cioccolato, and Caffé.

Now, the Italian gelato brand is bringing a new flavor to the Philippines. Check out the Caramello Salato, a salted caramel-flavored gelato

This oh-so-creamy gelato has a delicious caramel flavor, studded with caramel flakes from Belgium and France for a bit of crunch. It even has bits of pink Himalayan salt mixed in the gelato to further bring out the sweetness of the caramel.

If you love X.O.'s caramel candy, this is an ice cream version of it but made even more delicious-more luxurious if you will, that you'll want the whole tub for yourself. We have to admit, this is definitely worth the expensive P499 price tag.


Grom's Caramello Salato costs P499/60-ml tub. Keep an eye out for announcements on Grom Philippines' Instagram page as to where you can score this tub of delicious gelato.


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