This Popular Italian Gelato Is Here And It's Creamier Than Ice Cream

IMAGE courtesy of GROM Gelato

If ice cream is touted to be the creamiest of all the icy treats, GROM gelato may just change your mind.

GROM is an Italian gelato imported as is all the way from Europe and boy, does it deliver on taste, texture, and flavors. However, did you know that the classic "vanilla" gelato isn't made with vanilla beans at all? That's actually a type of cream, and it's this creamy flavor that all gelato shops are measured against.  

The Stracciatella is the classic traditional gelato flavor that is milky and sweet studded with chocolate chips. Its milky flavor that might make you think it is flavored with vanilla beans, but it's not. You'd be surprised to know that this classic flavor is, in fact, the taste of the freshest milk and cream, not vanilla, called fiordilatte. 

Stracciatella is a classic milky ice cream while the Cioccolato is the classic chocolate, both studded with premium chocolate chips.
Photo courtesy of GROM

The clean lines of GROM's packaging hide what makes this Italian ice cream so delicious: the real ingredients that go into each tub. No flavorings, colorings, emulsifiers, or other such ingredients mar the authentic taste that is created using ingredients that should be in gelato. All you get is the real flavor of the gelato. In the case of the Stracciatella, that's the freshest cream you're tasting. 

This same dedication to flavors is what drives GROM into being the best there is. Grab a tub of the Crema Di GROM, and you'll get a taste of what a lusciously rich custard should taste like. This is the pastry cream-based flavor that's studded with Venezuelan chocolate chips and chunks of Meliga biscuits or cornmeal shortbread cookies, and each spoonful delivers on these flavors. 

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The flavors Cioccolato, made with Ecuadorian chocolate and the Pistacchio, made with Middle Eastern pistachios, both pureed and chunks of these nuts, are made with the same delicious authenticity to its ingredients that you'll be savoring each spoonful. 

The Crema di GROM is a rich icy custard while the Pistacchio is rich in both flavor and chunks of the nut.
Photo courtesy of GROM

This pursuit of excellence stems from the principle upon GROM was founded. GROM was created because its founders, friends Guido Martinetti and Federico Grom, discovered too many gelato places were not as up to the standards of what a real gelato should be. So when they set out to make gelato, they wanted to make the best gelato in the world. GROM gelato is the result, and it's one creamy gelato that rivals even the best homemade ice cream anywhere. 


If you love ice cream, this is one tub you need to get your hands on and taste for yourself.  

GROM gelato in Crema di GROM, Cioccolato, Stracciatella, and Pistacchio flavors in 460-ml pints is now available in selected groceries and supermarkets nationwide for P495. Visit the GROM Philippines Facebook page and Instagram for more information. 


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