This Shop Makes Milk Tea Tres Leches Cake

They have other flavors, too.

Latin American cake tres leches is one of those desserts that is open to many interpretations thanks to its simple flavors and classic composition. We recently spotted ube tres leches as well as tres leches topped with yema you can order now. If you’re looking for more fun flavors to try, check out online shop Half Baked: They have six different kinds of tres leches cake!

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As with any tres leches cake, Half Baked’s variations are composed of butter or sponge cake soaked in, as the name suggests, three types of milk. They have Classic Tres Leches, perfect for purists in search of the perfect take on the dessert, which has been around the mid-1900s. They also have Cereal Milk Tres Leches, which has been a popular option this past quarantine as well as a great way to enjoy your cereal and milk; who says you can’t have cake for breakfast? If you like fruity desserts, they have Strawberry Tres Leches, which gives a slightly tangy complement to the lightly sweet, creamy dessert. You can also get Chocolate Tres Leches as well as Pecan Tres Leches.

Perhaps the most unique flavor on Half Baked’s menu is their Milk Tea Tres Leches, which gives the milk-soaked cake an earthy, tea-infused taste. Plus, the cake is topped with chewy boba pearls! And here’s the best part: You can get each of their irrestitable cakes for just P250 or less! Plus, we can’t take our eyes off the pretty square-shaped cakes served in transparent tubs. They’re so IG-worthy!

Check out each of the flavors:

Classic And Cereal Tres Leches (P220)
Photo by Instagram/
Strawberry Tres Leches (P250)
Photo by Instagram/
Milk Tea Tres Leches (P250)
Photo by Instagram/
Chocolate Tres Leches (P220)
Photo by Instagram/
Pecan Tres Leches (P250)
Photo by Instagram/

You can order Half Baked’s Tres Leches cakes by filling out the order form featured on their Instagram page.



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