This Soft Serve Ice Cream Combines Dark Chocolate + Milk Tea Pearls

Don't worry, the milk tea pearls are easy to chew on.

Harlan + Holden is known as a clothing store for sleek, "anti-trend" everyday wear. They have since put up a restaurant at Powerplant called the Rockwell Glasshouse, and the latest concept store is the Harlan + Holden Coffee. Much like their restaurant and their clothing stores, the coffee shop sticks to a simple and minimalistic aesthetic.

Harlan + Holden Coffee's Flat Monkey
Photo by Bea Faicol

This coffee shop has a selection of coffee and pastries that are a combination of classic and some wildcards that are a little adventurous. They recently came out with a new coffee called the Flat Monkey, a flat white with sweet and salty ground peanuts. But if you're a chocolate fan, this new-ish item on the menu will win you over: Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Soft Serve.

Dark chocolate + hazelnut + boba!
Photo by Bea Faicol
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What you need to know:

Why is it new-ish? Well, according to one of their servers, this was an item that was introduced around two months ago (during the last quarter of 2019), but they recently re-introduced it with improved quality.

There are three ways you can try the Dark Chocolate Hazelnut: soft serve in a cup (P50), soft serve with boba in a cup (P65), and soft-serve cone (P50). Heads up: the cups don't come in your typical soft serve sizes, it comes in a much smaller cup, similar to a slightly larger shot glass... which isn't always a negative thing.

Don't worry, the boba is completely soft (aka cooked)!
Photo by Bea Faicol

What we love about it:

For those who love Kinder Joy, Nutella, Ferrero Rocher, or any of the like, you'll definitely enjoy this soft serve ice cream. What we like about it is that the darkness of the chocolate is more pronounced with the bittersweet and roasted notes.

Another thing we love about this soft serve is that you can add boba pearls on top. If you've been through multiple milk tea shops, you have probably experienced infuriating instances where the boba pearls are hard to chew. Thankfully, Harlan + Holden Coffee's boba pearls aren't anything like those. Theirs are soft, chewy, and not drowned in a sugary sauce that typically overpowers the item you actually paid for.

Because the flavors of the Dark Chocolate Hazelnut are already rich and vibrant, the proportion of having it in a small cup is just enough to satisfy cravings. Even the amount of pearls is just enough for the ice cream!

Look at that creamy consistency!
Photo by Bea Faicol

Where to get it

Harlan + Holden Coffee is located at One Bonifacio High Street Mall, right across Central Square. This coffee shop runs only on cashless transactions-you can order in advance through the mobile application (available for Android and Apple users) or order on the spot through their self-checkout tablets, then pay with your credit card or debit card.


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