Eat Your Way through the Philippines with Margarita Forés

Let Asia's Best Female Chef for 2016 take you on a delicious trip around the country.


Asia’s Best Female Chef of 2016, Margarita Forés, in partnership with CNN Philippines, is ready to show all the best dishes, ingredients, and culinary stories that the Philippines has to offer: her new culinary travel show, entitled Harvest with Margarita Forés, starts this February!


The 30-minute program follows Margarita through key destinations in the Philippines and the unique ingredients they are known for. As she uncovers the history, people and culture in which these ingredients thrive, she also creates recipes and dishes that bring out their flavors.


What can you expect from this series? The first episode takes place in Bicol, located in southern Luzon. Let Margarita walk you through the lush farm lands of Bicol, where sili (chili) and gata (coconut milk) are used in abundance, and gather tips on how to cook authentic Bicolano laing!


When it comes to sourcing locally-produced ingredients in Manila, Margarita gives a key tip: "Visit weekend markets! Many vendors have beautiful, fresh ingredients. Plus, you may even come across artisinal products made by locals who are passionate about the culinary landscape of the Philippines." 


Harvest with Margarita Forés will premiere on February 18, Saturday, 7pm only on CNN Philippines, Channel 9, or via live-streaming on 


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