Visit This New Cafe On Your Next Trip To Baguio

You'll want to keep this place all to yourself.

There are a lot of reasons why people travel up to Baguio-for business, for adventure, for a family vacation, or simply just to get away from the city for some peace and quiet. If you're looking for the latter, Hatch Coffee should be on your itinerary.

Hatch Coffee is like a secret place to hide in from the noise of the outside world and enjoy a good cup of coffee.
Photo by Reggie de Guia

Hatch Coffee opened in December 2019 and is the brainchild of husband and wife Arnelli "Bondy" and Asia Aportadera. The couple started out with serving pastries such as the Grilled Cookie Butter and Jelly, Calamansi tart, and Yogurt and Granola. Bondy is also a coffee enthusiast and he only used to serve coffee to his close friends and family. Now, his coffee creations are on Hatch's menu. 


Hatch Coffee sits along Easter Road, hence the name "hatch". It is15 minutes away from the city center and you need to traverse the length of Session Road and go down Bowkawan Road. At the bottom of the hill, take a left turn that will take you to Easter Road. After the bridge, you will see the gate leading you to Hatch Coffee. It will be on the right with a gate labeled 135.


What to order at Hatch Coffee? One of the most popular dishes is the Grilled Cheese with Habañero Honey (P220). Made with different types of cheese, it is grilled just so it has the right amount of crisp. Dip this in their signature habañero honey, and you get the perfect medley of sweet, salty and spicy, all rolled into one satisfying sandwich. 


Another dish Hatch offers is the Easter Sandwich (P180), named after the street where the cafe is located. Made with Baguio longganisa, scrambled egg, crunchy tomatoes and habañeros, the sandwich has different kinds of flavors and textures from your usual clubhouse sandwich. They can also adjust the spice level, if you're not a fan of extra heat. 


Bondy will recommend that you try their signature Hatchata (P100 to P120), a play on the Horchata, with the Hatch touch. The Horchata is a Mexican drink made of rice milk, nuts, and cinnamon. Hatch Coffee offers their own kind Horchata, the Dirty Hatchata, which they make with almonds and cinnamon. They also offer flavored Hatchata and you may choose one with coffee, matcha or strawberry flavors. It's the perfect pair to the sandwiches, offers Bondy, as it will tone down the spice from the sandwiches. 

Bondy explains that Hatch focuses on third wave coffee, a movement where every aspect of the coffee is appreciated-from producers, roasters, and down to the barista making the coffee-and Hatch is the perfect background to enjoy it. With its open area, tall trees, and a space for kids to play and run around in, Hatch Coffee is like a secret place to hide in from the noise of the outside world and enjoy a good cup of coffee.


Hatch Coffee is located at 135 Easter Road corner Road 1 Manzanillo, Baguio City and is open from Wednesday to Sunday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Follow them on Instagram for updates. 

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