Hawker Chan Now Delivers Group Meals for Your Next Party

Or your next lunch meeting.

Ever had a lunch meeting where you just couldn't decide what to get that'll please everyone in the room? Or you're running out of ideas on what to order for a group? Just in case you didn't know, Hawker Chan has group meals of their best-selling Cantonese roasts-and you can now have these delivered via GrabFood.

Hawker Chan offers delivery of their group meals via GrabFood
PHOTO BY Hans Fausto

If your place is located near any of the Hawker Chan branches, you're in luck because the Singaporean restaurant will deliver right to your doorstep. Choose from the following sets if you're ordering for two: Duo Meal A gives you Soya Sauce Chicken, Char Siew, Dumplings, Marinated Egg, Rice, and Roselle Tea (P550) while Duo Meal B offers the same items except rice-instead, you get Noodles with Sambal (P650). There's also the Group Meal (P1,299) with Soya Sauce Chicken, Char Siew Rice, Thai Style Tofu, Pickled Vegetables, and Roselle Tea good for four people, and the Family Meal (P2,299) with the same dishes as the Group Meal but good for six people.

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See a list of Hawker Chan branches. Grab is currently available for iOS and Android.

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