Have You Checked Out Hawker Chan, The Michelin-starred Resto From Singapore?

Here's what you can expect at the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant in the world!

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It's no secret that Filipinos love chicken, whether it's fried to a beautiful golden brown, or glazed with barbecue sauce and grilled. Not as common here is soya sauce chicken, a dish that looks simple but packs lots of flavor, both from the chicken's natural juices and the sweet-savory marinade. If you're looking for the best place to have this Asian staple, look no further than Singapore's Liao Fan Hawker Chan after all, it's no easy feat to be one of the two hawker stalls in the world to earn a Michelin star. Having their signature Soya Sauce Chicken Noodle and Soya Sauce Chicken Rice is now easier than ever with the launch of their first Manila branch in SM Mall of Asia.


Hawker Chan came from humble beginnings, with Chef Chan Hong Meng opening his first hawker stall at Singapore's Chinatown Complex in 2009. It's a no-fuss-no-muss eatery, but people flocked to then-called Hong Kong Sauce Soya Chicken for, what else, the chicken-freshly roasted and served by Chef Chan and his wife. With the snaking long lines at their compact place, especially after receiving a Michelin star in 2016, Chef Chan knew he had to open a bigger, sit-down restaurant. And Liao Fan Hawker Chan was born.


Since then, Chef Chan and his tasty chicken meals have slowly but surely made their way throughout Asia and beyond. Besides the Philippines, Hawker Chan has branches in Thailand, Indonesia, and Australia. Wherever he opens an outpost, Chef Chan sees to it that each branch uses his tried-and-tested signature soya sauce chicken recipe, which he developed along with a Hong Kong chef.


The Manila branch retains Hawker Chan's casual vibe-orders are done through the counter, and your meal can be picked up after your ticket number flashes on the screen.


While dish prices aren't fixed yet, one thing's for sure: Their Soya Sauce Chicken With Rice could be one of the tastiest budget-friendly meals you'll ever have, clocking in at less than P200. The chicken itself is amazingly soft in your mouthâalmost cloud-like but with a little bite. The sauce blankets the chicken skin with a glorious glaze, coating your mouth in a strong sweet-savory flavor, which you can temper with the side of pickled chili or amp up with the spicy sauce or sambal.

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Soya Sauce Chicken With Noodles
PHOTO Majoy Siason 

While rice might end up being your go-to, the Soya Sauce Chicken With Noodles is not to be ignored the egg noodles are firm with a hint of saltiness that makes chowing on them with your chicken a bit more exciting.


Char Siu With Noodles
PHOTO Majoy Siason 

You can also get Char Siu with your soya sauce chicken. The pork barbecue chunks are more intensely flavored than what you might expect: Sweet, smoky, and over-all delicious.

Asked why he wanted to open a branch in Manila, Chef Chan simply says in an interview with SPOT.ph, "I know Filipinos love chicken." With Hawker Chan's soya sauce chicken now easily accessible and much more affordable even without a plane ticket to Singapore, this love for chicken is just sure to grow even more.




Hawker Chan is at the G/F Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City
Open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.



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