LIST: Where To Order Healthy + Diet Food For Delivery

Want to try going on a diet meal plan?

Is a healthier lifestyle part of your 2021 goals? If you've been meaning to lose weight, meal subscription plans can be very useful! These give you the nutrients you'll need while staying within your daily calorie goal, and this varies depending on your age, gender, current weight, height, and how often you exercise.

Lucky for you, there are several diet meal plan services that can help you with your journey to a healthier version of yourself. Check these out:

Daily's Diet's Chicken Katsudon!
Photo by Facebook/Daily's Diet

Daily's Diet

To start a meal plan with Daily's Diet, you first calculate your "Magic Number" or your required daily calorie intake. From there, you can choose which meal plan to choose from. They have a Balanced Diet Plan (1,000-2,000 calories), High Protein - Moderate Carb Diet Plan (1,500-2,000 calories), the Medical Diet Plan (1,000 calories-2,000 calories), Diabetic Diet Plan (1,000-2,000 calories), and the Pescatarian Diet Plan (1,000-2,000 calories). All of these diet plans include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks.

Price: The Balanced Diet Plan ranges from P315 to P650, the High Protein - Moderate Carb Diet Plan ranges from P395 to P890, the Medical Diet Plan ranges from P365 to P700, the Diabetic Diet Plan ranges from P365 to P700, and the Pescatarian Diet Plan ranges from P365 to P680. 

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How to order: You can order their meal plans through Daily's Diet's website. They deliver to Cavite, Laguna, Las Piñas, Makati, Mandaluyong, Manila, Marikina, Muntinlupa, Parañaque, Pasay, Pasig, Quezon City, San Juan, and Taguig. They also accommodate those from different cities that weren't mentioned.

Diet Buddy's famous Kimchi Fried Rice Bowl!
Photo by Facebook/Diet Buddy PH

Diet Buddy

Diet Buddy has two kinds of meal plans-one is a low-carb diet and the other is a high-protein diet. Diet Buddy posts a weekly meal plan on their Instagram, and for most of it, what they serve changes on a weekly basis.


Price: Diet Buddy's low carb diet is priced at P360/day for 1,200KCal, P440/day for 1,500KCal, and P500/day for 2,000KCal

How to order: You can place an order by messaging (0917) 590-1795.

Photo by Facebook/Fit Food Manila

Fit Food Manila

They offer different meal plans depending on your goal. The Fit Food Original is calorie-counted, balanced, and tasty; the Fit Food Plus is low on sugar, low on carbs, high on protein, and high on fiber; the Fit Food Keto is low on sugar, low on carbs, and high on fat; the Fit Heart is low on fat, low on sodium, and low on cholesterol; and the Fit Food Vegan has no meat, fish, egg, and dairy.


Price: Fit Food Original meal plan starts at P2,100/5 days, the Fit Food Plus starts at P2,750/5 days, the Fit Food Keto meal plan starts at P2,975/5 days, the Fit Heart meal plan starts at P3,000/5 days, and the Fit Food Vegan meal plan starts at P2,350/5 days.

How to order: You can place an order through Fit Food Manila's website.

This is a sample of Lunchbox Diet's 1300kcal meals!
Photo by Facebook/Lunchbox Diet PH

Lunchbox Diet

The Lunchbox Diet offers four kinds of meal plans. They have a Vegetarian Lunchbox which is suitable for lacto-ovo vegetarians (excludes meat but includes eggs and dairy products), the Keto-Friendly Lunchbox is low on carbohydrates, low on sugar, moderate protein, and high in food fats, the Low Carb Diet which substitutes high-carb ingredients with fiber-rich vegetables and high-protein grains, and the Regular Lunchbox which doesn't restrict certain food but focuses on portion control and calorie count.

Price: The Vegetarian Lunchbox meal plan ranges from P2,400 to P3,150/5 days, the Keto-friendly meal plan ranges from P2,400 to P3,150/5 days, the Low Carb Diet meal plan ranges from P2,400 to P3,150/5 days, and the Regular Lunchbox meal plan ranges from P1,950 to P2,700/5 days.

How to order: You can subscribe to the Lunchbox Diet by visiting their website.

Photo by Facebook/Paleo Manila

Paleo Manila

Paleo Manila offers two meal plans, which both have the goal of fat loss. There's the Paleo meal plan, which is high on protein and low on carbohydrates, and there's the Keto meal plan which is high on fat and low on carbohydrates.

Paleo Manila also has meal plans under its Therapeutic Recovery Meal Plans. The meal plans under this category are for those with special cases concerning diabetes and hypertension.

Price: The Paleo meal plan starts at P2,536, the Keto meal plan starts at P2,356, and the Rx for Diabetics meal plan starts at P3,350 and the Rx for Hypertensive meal plan starts at P3,150.

How to order: You can order their meal plans through their website.

Photo by Facebook/Plant:Eat


Plan:Eat focuses on calorie counting, that's why they have meal plans called the Plan1200, Plan1500, Plan1800, and Plan2000 which the number dictates the number of calories you should take in a day.

Plan:Eat is divided into three branches: Beat Plus, Fit Plus, and Suite Plus. The Beat Plus helps support managing diabetes and hypertension by offering food that's fiber-rich, salt-reduced, sugar-reduced, has essential fatty acids, and little saturated fats.

The Fit Plus focuses on eating meat with high biological value which contains the essential amino acids, while the Suite Plus is a more flexible food service program depending on whatever you need. If you're interested to take the Suite Plus, you can message Plan:Eat so their in-house RND and chef can assist you.

How to order: You can subscribe to their plans through their official website.

Photo by Facebook/The Sexy Chef

The Sexy Chef

The Sexy Chef offers four types of meal plans. The Low-Calorie or Low-Carb meal plans include meals with lean meat and cauliflower-assorted vegetable mix to replace rice. The Calorie-Controlled meal plan includes all food groups and is fortified with the use of malunggay.

On the other hand, the Ketogenic meal plan is low on carb and high on fat, and the Plant-Based meal plan is perfect for vegans! It's high on fiber and low on calories and fat.

Price: The Low-Calorie/Low-Carb meal plan starts at P1,850/5 days, the Calorie-Controlled meal plan starts at P1,850/5 days, the Ketogenic meal plan starts at P2,750/5 days, and the Plant-Based meal plan starts at P1,850/day.

How to order: You can place your orders via The Sexy Chef's website.


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