Woah, This Unique Snack Is A Combination Of Hello Panda and Yan-Yan!

IMAGE Bea Faicol

Baon always feels a little more special when there's Hello Panda or Yan-Yan that came in your favorite flavor. Regular Hello Panda snacks are panda head-shaped hollow biscuits that had a filling inside while the regular Yan-Yan snacks come in a container with a divider in between. One side held the pretzel biscuit sticks while the other stored the flavored dip that comes in different flavors.

Photo by Bea Faicol

Meiji is the manufacturer behind these two snacks, the Hello Panda and Yan-Yan. And to our surprise, we also saw a Meiji product that's a Hello Panda-Yan-Yan hybrid called the Hello Panda DipDip that marries the experience of the Hello Panda biscuits with the dipping method of Yan-Yan.

Here's what to expect when you open the Hello Panda DipDip: 

The Hello Panda DipDip comes in smaller packaging, almost half the height of Yan-Yan, and similarly, also has a divider in between. On one side you'll find what looks like Hello Panda biscuits but these are noticeably flat. Plus, these biscuits are not hollow and do not have any filling inside, unlike regular Hello Panda.

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Photo by Bea Faicol

Hello Panda DipDip's other compartment is filled with chocolate filling which is where you dip the flattened Hello Panda biscuits into, like how you'd eat Yan-Yan. We only saw a chocolate flavor, but there's also a strawberry version available in other countries.

We found the Hello Panda DipDip in FamilyMart convenience stores. 

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