Here's To Your Health: 5 Facts About Tofu

We make a case for the bean curd!


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1  Soy yummy
Tofu or bean curd, which originated from China, is the pressed curd of coagulated soy milk. It has a neutral flavor and an appearance and texture similar to fresh cheese.

2  Healthy and veggie-friendly
Because of its high protein content, tofu has become a staple in vegetarian diets, often consumed as an alternative to dairy products and used as a meat and fish substitute. Rich in calcium, it may also reduce the risk of heart disease.


3  Form and firmness
Tofu comes in different forms: silken, soft, firm, lightly flavored, and dried and extra firm (locally known as tokwa).

4  Truly Asian
So versatile in taste and texture, it is used in many Asian dishes such as soups, stir-fries, and stews, in steamed dishes and even in beverages and desserts.

5  Where to buy and how to store
Tofu is widely stocked in supermarkets and wet markets. Store in the refrigerator and open the package only when ready to use. For leftovers, cover tofu with water and store in the fridge for up to one week. Change the water daily to keep it moist and prevent it from absorbing the flavors from surrounding food.

Photography by Patrick Martires | Styling by Rachelle Santos

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