You'll Want to Stock Your Fridge With This Bottled Milk Tea

They also have fruit tea!

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Milk tea fans, we know that in a perfect world you'd be able to drink milk tea every single day; maybe even twice a day if you could, but ordering boba on the daily can get expensive. As with most foods, buying in bulk is usually more budget-friendly. Plus, keeping food in storage prevents you from having to constantly buy it. And yes, it's possible to buy milk tea that you can store at home! You can stock your fridge with local brand High Noon's bottled milk tea. Now you can get your milk tea fix every day at any time you please!

BRB, clearing up space in our refrigerators for these bottles!
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These 500 mL milk tea bottles are available in four flavors: Toffee, Taro, Sencha, and Hojicha. You can choose a variant that is closest to your usual take-out milk tea order or try something new. Each bottle costs between P150-P175, about the price of a regular order of milk tea, but in a much bigger size that you can store and save for later.

Check out this video to give you a better idea of how big each bottle is:

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High Noon also has fruit tea available in a variety of flavors and made extra special with jam and fruit bits. It's available in four variants: Ruby Black with apple jam and passionfruit, Lemon Lime with pineapple jam and passionfruit, Lychee Black with apple jam, and Peach Oolong with pineapple jam and passionfruit.

Their packaging is so #aesthetic!
Photo by High Noon
Are you team milk tea or team fruit tea?
Photo by High Noon

You can order High Noon's bottled milk tea and fruit tea for pick-up and delivery through their Instagram page.

Check out their complete menu and price list below:

  • Sencha Milk Tea (P150)
  • Toffee Milk Tea (P150)
  • Taro Milk Tea (P160)
  • Hojicha Milk Tea (P175)
  • Ruby Black Fruit Tea With Apple Jam and Passionfruit (P150)
  • Lemon Lime Fruit Tea With Pineapple Jam and Passionfruit (P150)
  • Lychee Black Fruit Tea With Apple Jam (P150)
  • Peach Oolong Fruit Tea With Pineapple Jam and Passionfruit (P150)


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