This Ham Is A Sure Hit At Your Feast

Kids, in particular, will enjoy the additional glaze in CDO Premium Holiday Ham's recipe.

This Ham Is A Sure Hit At Your Feast

Streets are already bedecked with decor; malls are resplendent with all things red, green, and gold; houses are adorned with flashy lights and the essential parol. Soon, cheerful carols will be heard from young revelers going from one house to the next and the smell of freshly cooked puto bumbong and bibingka will fill the air.

With less than a month before Christmas Day, are you done planning your Christmas Eve menu? If not, this is the perfect time to complete the task. There are still enough days to gather ingredients, especially since grocery aisles aren’t too cramped yet and traffic is still bearable.

If you’re looking for the highlight of your celebration, then look no further than the Christmas ham. The sweet and smoky hamon is a mainstay in every Filipino household. Christmas celebrations just don’t feel as joyous without a platter of glorious, glazed ham sitting prettily at the center of the holiday table.

Treat this as a reminder to make ham a priority in your Christmas spread. And if you find yourself confused with all the options available in the supermarket, why not go for a quality product that'll give you your money's worth, like CDO Premium Holiday Ham?

CDO Premium Holiday Ham uses premium-cut pork pigue (the pig's hind leg), the finest cut of pork for making a ham.

Compared to the previous recipe, CDO Premium Holiday Ham also has more glaze, which generously coats the tender pork. That’s something the whole family, particularly the kids, will enjoy.

It also has that distinct smoky taste and features the lovely sweetness of pineapples; an unbeatable combination that promises extended merriment. Plus, no extenders are used, guaranteeing that you and your loved ones will be enjoying a premium product.

The pre-sliced pack (900g) retails P509 (SRP), while the whole ham (1kg) sells for just about P569 (SRP). An absolute win, don't you think?

There’s no denying that Christmas, especially for Filipinos, is the time for good food shared with loved ones. It happens only once a year, so why settle for anything other than CDO Premium Holiday Ham?

It instantly levels up your Christmas Eve spread. What’s left for you to do is to serve it with some sides and you’re all set for one memorable feast. Just expect for everyone to rave about the ham the whole night, and they’ll definitely be asking for seconds.

Serving CDO Premium Holiday Ham this Christmas is a decision you won’t regret, and that’s exactly what you and your loved ones deserve.

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