This Nifty Appliance Can Cool Your Drinks in Just a Few Minutes

Running low on ice at home?

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Warm weather in Manila is a constant all throughout the year and those scorching hot days usually call for an ice-cold drink to keep you going. With all the time you spend at home these days, ice may be a depleting resource, but that doesn't mean you need to settle for unsatisfying, room temperature beverages. We spotted a nifty device that could be the answer to all your problems: Homgeek's cooler cup can make your drinks cold in just a few minutes!

Here's how it works: simply put your drink into the appliance's aluminum holder. You can place your container into the holder or pour the beverage straight in for faster cooling. You can chill drinks like water, soda, coffee, juice, milk tea, or whatever else you have at home. It's especially handy for drinks that don't go well with ice like wine or beer. Just hit the start button once your drink is in the holder and wait a few minutes for it to get cold. Bottoms up!


Here's a closer look at the device:

Just plug the device in, pour your drink into the holder, and wait a few minutes for your ice-cold beverage!
Photo by Homgeek
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You can use the appliance to cool pretty much any drink you've got at home.
Photo by Homgeek
The compact device won't take up much space on your countertop.
Photo by Homgeek

Homgeek's cooler cup is available on Lazada for P2,394.


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