These Hong Kong Mooncakes Are So Good There's A Black Market For It

It's available in Manila for a limited time only!

For Marjoriee Fong, Corecate International Corporation's Operations Manager, mooncakes have always been part of her Filipino-Chinese upbringing. Every mooncake season, since she was young, they'd play dice games and win different sizes of moon cakes. She was happy about winning something, but wasn't really happy that she was winning mooncakes. She just didn't like mooncakes, that is, until her future mother-in-law stepped in.

Everyone's got a soft spot for salted egg!
Photo by Courtesy of Hong Kong MX Mooncake

Her future mother-in-law had given her a special gift: Hong Kong MX's bestselling lava and custard moon cakes. Marjorie had to take a bite the moment she opened it. She braced herself, ready to fake it, pretend it was the greatest thing, smile excitedly to make her future mother-in-law happy. To her surprise, she didn't have to fake anything. Since then, she's yearly called up her mother-in-law who lives in Hong Kong long before Mooncake season to preorder the mooncakes for her. Finally, she understood how special those mooncakes were, how important it was to have a bite during that one time in the year when it was available.

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The yolk series are classic mooncakes you're sure to love.
Photo by Courtesy of Hong Kong MX Mooncake

Amd we get it: there's nothing quite like the lava and custard mooncakes that are rich, creamy, and have a silky, creamy, oozy center salted egg center. By the time mooncake season comes in, Hong Kong MX Mooncakes are already sold out. They sell so well in Hong Kong that people have to preorder them in advance. The 21-year long "hype" over them has even birthed a black market. "Scalpers" would sell vouchers for the moon cakes for a much higher price.

Mooncakes are eaten to celebrate both the harvest season and family
Photo by Courtesy of Hong Kong MX Mooncake

Now, they're finally available in the Philippines! You can choose from a variety of flavors: the classic lotus series, the reduced sugar series, the mixed nut series, the yolk series, and the "fan-favorite and the first of its kind-lava and custard mooncake series."

Just like the guys from Hong Kong though, we only get the opportunity to buy them for a limited amount of time. Hong Kong MX will be selling their mooncakes at SM Mall of Asia until September 22, and then you can find them at UniMart Capitol Commons from September 1 to Semptember 22. If you buy your mooncakes at MOA, you'll also get to play a dice game for a chance at delicious prizes!

Go visit their pop-ups while you can.
Photo by Courtesy of Hong Kong MX Mooncake

Are these locations too out of the way for you? You can also order their mooncakes on Lazada from August 20-September 22, however, flavors available there are limited. If you really want the lava mooncakes, we're telling you, it's worth it, and go to their physical pop-ups while you still can!

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