Hot Sauce on Your Dessert? This Sauce Is Not For The Faint-Hearted

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You have to really love spices to an unreasonable degree to want to put hot sauce on your dessert. And you have to be even crazier to make your own super-hot sauce recipe designed specifically for pouring over ice cream or cake. 





Like any true madman, Eric Paulo del Rosario is soft-spoken and obsessed-in his case, obsessed with creating a wide and surprising variety of flavors exclusively from the spicy end of the spectrum. The dessert hot sauce in question, appropriately called The Mad Hotter, won him three awards at the Third Annual Chilli Festival in October 2016: Best Hot Sauce of the Festival, Best in Show, and First Prize in the Mixed Variety Hot Sauce category. Not bad, considering he'd formulated the prize-winning hot sauce just the day before. Available for now only in the Banana Split variant, The Mad Hotter blends chocolate, strawberries, bananas, and vanilla with super-hot chilies, in particular the marusot chili from Bicol, which is otherwise known as the siling demonyo for obvious reasons. As with other super-hot chili peppers, Eric explains, the marusot brings in a traydor quality to the sauce, so that first you taste the fruity, chocolatey sweetness before the spiciness hits you full in the face.



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The novelty has helped this become Eric's signature sauce, although he already has five small-batch hot sauces being sold under the Epic's label, each of them occupying a different place on the Scoville scale (the heat index of chilies), and each showcasing a different kind of spice. There's Tropic Smoke, which Eric considers the entry-level hot sauce, made from labuyo; Godfather's Ghost, made with marusot and perfect as a steak sauce; Beetleschmooze, with roasted jalapeño, dried habanero, smoked garlic, and pickle juice; and the sweet-spicy War & Peach, made from a curious blend that includes habanero chilies, mustard, and peaches. There's also a strong chili-garlic oil and a new bacon jam made with spiced rum, cold-brew coffee, and habaneros.



Of course, Eric is an all-around food lover, not just of spicy food. In fact, he also makes embutido the old-fashioned way, based on his grandmother's recipe. (But of course, Lola Pacing's embutido is also available in a hot-and-spicy variant.)


Hot sauces are fun, he explains, and it's where his heart is at. "We love spicy food," Eric chuckles. "Especially her," he adds, pointing to his wife Ely. "I love food, I love making food, and this is a good way to express my craziness."

EPIC'S is available to order via the official facebook page



Article was published in the April 2017 issue of Yummy magazine. Minor edits were made by editors. 




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