Lasagna Fans, House of Lasagna Is Offering Free Delivery

We know you want some.

We believe-and we hope you agree-that lasagna, just as a food, has everything going for it. Layered pasta? Check. Layered tomato sauce? Check. Layered cheese and/or bechamel? Check. Fun to cut through and look at the cross-section? Absolutely. The only caveat is that making it yourself can seem like a challenge; thankfully there are experts who do it for you, such as those at House of Lasagna. And the best part? They're doing free delivery, with no minimum purchase until April 20.

Photo by House of Lasagna official Facebook

They're only taking orders between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., in compliance with the curfew. But all you have to do is dial 7748-2003 and select from their menu-you'll be lounging like Garfield in no time. But if you live in the Greenhills area and you're already out getting the necessities, their V Mall branch is open for takeout as well!

For more information, log on to House of Lasagna's Facebook page.

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