Check Out The Rice Dispenser People Are Buying For Their #KitchenGoals

A rice dispenser is probably the last thing you'll think of when it comes to a kitchen makeover, but yet, here we are, ogling over this gorgeous glass rice dispenser from House to Home Project. This minimalistic rice dispenser is one of the many beautiful kitchen items members of Facebook group Home Buddies are eyeing. Who's to blame when it looks very budol-worthy?

Photo by Instagram/housetohome.project

These rice dispensers have a long glass body where you can store the rice, and the bottom part has an opening that can be opened or sealed with a faucet-like function. The lid of the glass and the stand it comes with are both made of light-colored wood that contributes to the overall gorgeous aesthetic of the rice dispenser.

House to Home Project sells the rice dispenser in two different sizes. The 5-liter capacity rice dispenser which can fit 3-4 kilograms of rice, costs a whopping P2,500, and the 7-liter capacity rice dispenser which can fit 5-6 kilograms of rice costs P2,800.

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As of writing, House to Home Project is accepting pre-orders and the ETA of the item will be around the first or second week of May.

To make a reservation, you can send House to Home Project a message on Instagram. Do take note that a 30% reservation fee is required and that the delivery fee will be shouldered by the customer.



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