Here's How You Can Buy From S&R Without Paying A Membership Fee

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Have you always wanted to buy unique products and really good deals from S&R Membership Shopping but don't feel like paying for the membership fee? From their Heinz condiments, huge cans of SPAM, to a variety of imported bottled coffees, there's no shortage of new and unique stuff you won't usually find in other supermarkets.

You'll be happy to know that there are ways (yes, plural!) to scratch that grocery-shopping itch without paying for the membership fee. Here are the different ways you can grocery shop at S&R Membership Shopping without a membership card:

MetroMart app
Photo screenshot from MetroMart website

1 Shop via the MetroMart app

S&R Membership Shopping is available via this super convenient mobile application. They've categorized their new items, promos, and bestsellers for easy navigating. Just take note that there will be an added S&R Privilege Fee of 5% for non-members and an additional P81 for the Shopping Fee.

MetroMart is available as a website or a mobile application. Download the app for iOS and Android users.

Pick A Roo delivery app
Photo screenshot from Pick.A.Roo
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2 Pick.A.Roo

Pick.A.Roo is a newly launched all-in-one lifestyle delivery application that groceries and food among other things. This application lets you choose which S&R Membership Shopping branch delivers to your doorstep.

Pick.A.Roo does apply an additional 5% fee for non-members and an additional P100 for a shopper's fee.

Download the Pick.A.Roo application for iOS and Android users.

S&R shop in Lazada app
Photo screenshot from Lazada

Shop via Lazada

Yes, even S&R Membership Shopping is on Lazada! S&R Membership Shopping also posts their kitchen appliance deals here. What's great about this is that there's no need to pay an additional fee for non-members.

To start ordering, visit S&R Membership Shopping's page on Lazada. If you don't have the application yet, it's available for iOS and Android users.


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