Pinoys Googled Dalgona Coffee, Leche Flan, And Pancakes A Lot In 2020

These topics ranked higher than COVID-19 prevention.

With 2020 ending in just a few weeks, Google released its top searches for the year. It’s like a time capsule on what we were interested in and topics we were curious about. You’d be surprised to know (or maybe not), that Pinoys were interested in learning how to whip up a cup of Dalgona coffee, silky leche flan, and how to make fluffy pancakes—much more than COVID-19 prevention.

The top 10 How-To searches in the Philippines in 2020 include:

  • 1. How to make dalgona coffee?
  • 2. How to wear a surgical mask?
  • 3. How to compute BMI?
  • 4. How to boost the immune system?
  • 5. How to make leche flan?
  • 6. How to divide fractions?
  • 7. How to solve quadratic equations?
  • 8. How to make pancakes?
  • 9. How to apply an SSS calamity loan online?
  • 10. How to prevent COVID-19?

Are you surprised to see Dalgona coffee top the list? Leche flan even surpassed all the mathematical inquiries, possibly Googled by homeschooled kids, while “how to make pancakes” ranked higher than SSS loans and COVID-19 prevention tips.

So if you’re still trying to figure out the answers to these questions, you’ve come to to the right place. Here’s a little crash course on how to make Dalgona coffee, leche flan, and fluffy pancakes:

How to make Dalgona coffee:

Photo by Bea Faicol

All you have to do is to simply whisk (best to use a mixer!) instant coffee, sugar, and hot water until it turns into a light brown fluff. Prepare a glass filled with ice, pour milk, and then top it off with the whipped coffee mixture.


How to make leche flan:

Photo by Majoy Siason

To make a basic leche flan, you only need: sugar, egg yolks, condensed milk, and evaporated milk. Melt the sugar in a llanera until evenly coated, while in a separate bowl mix egg yolks, evaporated milk, and condensed milk and strain into the llanera. Then you can either bake it in the oven or steam it.

How to make pancakes:

Photo by Riell Santos

Well, if you have a box of pancake mix then there’s really nothing to add more but water or milk, but if you want to make it from scratch, you can easily make it if you have all-purpose flour, salt, sugar, baking powder, milk, eggs, and butter in the kitchen. 


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You can sift together flour, salt, baking powder, and then add sugar. In a separate bowl, you mix the milk, eggs, and lastly the melted butter. Mix the wet ingredients and the dry ingredients and voila, you have your homemade pancake batter! 

All you have to do now is to prepare a nonstick pan and pour the batter into it. Once it forms bubbles on the top, flip the pancake on the other side. Once finished cooking, serve it with pancake syrup and bacon (or whichever topping you prefer).


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