Here's An Easy Recipe For Kariman If You Miss Your Favorite Ministop Snack

Craving satisfied.

One of our favorite memories before the pandemic struck includes the times we would buy our merienda at Ministop. One snack you can't go wrong with is the kariman. It's affordable, nakakabusog, and comes in different sweet and savory flavors, too!

If every now and then, you also find yourself missing this snack, there's a TikTok video that recreates the kariman. Keep on reading to be guided:


bikin yuk utk buka puasa ????

? All Night (remix enak) - VunnyPUBGM


Bread slices

Mini chocolate bars or cheese slices for your filling

2 eggs

Bread crumbs (you may use crushed Skyflakes if you don't have bread crumbs at home)


1 Before you make your kariman, crack two eggs in a bowl, mix it, and set it to the side. You will need it later.

2 Slice away the corners of your bread and flatten them using a rolling pin.

3 Place your chosen filling on the center of the bread and put another slice on top. Using the rim of a circular glass, pierce it through the bread.


4 Dip your kariman in the egg mixture, then coat it with bread crumbs or crushed Skyflakes for that extra crunch.

5 Deep-fry your kariman until it's golden brown. Enjoy! 

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