Here's How To Make Soju Sangria At Home

Here's another soju cocktail you should try!

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Soju is truly an easy alcoholic beverage you can use to make delicious cocktails. You can add Yakult to make Soju Yakult, Melona ice cream and Sprite to make Melona-ju, beer to make Somaek, and even coffee to make Soju Latté.

However, if you're looking for more soju cocktail recipes you can serve, especially if there's a special occasion, you should try making Soju Sangria.

Sangria is a boozy fruit punch that's typically made with red wine, fresh fruits, sweeteners, and liquor (Spanish Sangria uses brandy). The Soju Sangria we're about to make is a simple version that uses a rosé and fewer fruits than what you'd normally use when making a traditional sangria. It's an easy but no less delicious version you should try!  

Soju Sangria Recipe 


  • 150 ml ros√©
  • 60 ml plain soju¬†
  • 90 ml orange juice
  • 1¬†orange (Navel) wedge
  • ice, as needed¬†

*This Soju Sangria recipe serves one cocktail.


How To Make Soju Sangria:

  • 1 Mix the ros√© and soju in one glass, followed by the orange juice.¬†
  • 2¬†Slightly squeeze the orange wedge into the cocktail, then add the same orange wedge into the cocktail (this will eventually add more of a tangy flavor). For a stronger tasting Soju Sangria, add another 30 ml plain soju into the mix. For a fruitier sangria, add another 30 ml orange juice. (It's important to add to taste!)¬†
  • 3 Add ice, stir, and enjoy!

The joy of making DIY soju cocktails such as this Soju Sangria is that you can totally have fun and experiment with it! You can add other sweet and tangy fruits to your drink, such as strawberries or lemon. You can eventually try using flavored soju, too-like peach and plum!  

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