Say That Again: How To Pronounce Even More Food Terms

Because pronouncing "roux" should be easier than spelling it.

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Food lingo has a tendency to be a bit of a tongue twister. From mille-feuille to prosciutto, the language of food has never been the easiest to pronounce.


Avoid getting your tongue tied and finally learn how to pronounce these culinary words:



A roux is a cooked paste made of equal parts flour and fat that is often used to thicken soups and sauces.


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Learn this basic cooking hack to make your soups and stews thicker.




Directly translated as “a thousand leaves”, mille-feuille is a traditional French pastry made of pastry cream sandwiched between three layers of flaky puff pastry.




Sous vide, which is French for “under vacuum”, is a fairly new cooking method which involves sealing food in air-tight, vacuum packed plastic bags, and slowly cooking it in a temperature controlled water bath.


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Always struggling with pronouncing "chipotle" and "ceviche"?




A gyro is a Greek sandwich comprised of rotisserie-roasted meat or veg served in freshly toasted pita bread.




Brioche is a classic French bread enriched with eggs, sugar and a lot of butter.




Prosciutto is an Italian cured ham that is often cured in a mix of salt and other ingredients, and is left to air-dry for several months before serving.




Originally from the Brittany region of France, the kouign amann is a rich, flaky pastry made by folding layers of butter into highly enriched bread dough, much like a croissant.




Pho, a Vietnamese favorite which is said to get its name from the French pot au feu, is a vibrant noodle soup that is often comprised of rice noodles, a clear stock, protein and a variety of fresh herbs such as Vietnamese mint and Thai Basil.


Beat rainy day blues with a bowl of clear, homemade Vietnamese pho.



Fricassee is a classic French cooking technique which involves quickly sautéing meat and then letting it slowly cook in its juices.




Crème fraiche is a rich, thickened cream that is often soured or fermented using naturally-occurring cultures or bacteria.




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We find out what the entire hubbub behind this specialty ingredient is all about.




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