There's More To Gardenia's Bread Clips Than The Expiration Date

Is it also your habit to check the bread clip before you purchase store-bought bread? If you don't, you should start doing this as the bread clip dictates one of the most important details: the expiration date. You don't want to buy a loaf of bread that expires in two days when you need it for a longer time in your kitchen.

Photo by Gardenia and Bea Faicol

On the other hand, knowing when the bread is baked is just as important as the expiration date. Gardenia, a bread brand that needs no introduction to Filipinos, has created this color-coded system for their bread clips called G-locks to know when the bread was baked.

Photo by Bea Faicol
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The G-locks come in seven colors which are assigned for the seven days of the week. According to Gardenia, this is their G-lock color guide:

  • Monday - Tan
  • Tuesday - Orange
  • Wednesday - Yellow
  • Thursday - Blue
  • Friday - Green
  • Saturday - Red
  • Sunday - White

Why is there a need to color code the bread clips? This makes it easier for Gardenia's operations to pull out all unsold bread on a daily basis and replace it with new stock. This means that all the bread that you can see on your grocery shelves are always fresh!

Photo by Bea Faicol

Besides the manufacturing date and expiration date, another interesting tidbit you can get from these tiny, colored bread clips is the suggested retail price (SRP). This helps with price-watch so you know how exactly much stores are adding to the SRP. 

The G-locks also dictate other vital information such as the plant that baked the bread and the bread's production code. This information helps in traceability just in case product concerns are brought up.

The next time you're on a grocery run and in need of bread, now you know how to decode Gardenia's G-locks!


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