Hong Kong's Famous Mango Dessert Is Coming to Manila

We can't wait for mango sago!

Mango has always been a Pinoy staple—if you remember your elementary-school classes, you'd know that it's our national fruit, after all. But mangoes really took the spotlight this year, with many queueing up for the popular mango-float dessert that was all over social media. And in 2019, you might find yourself with a new favorite mango dessert, thanks to the arrival of Hong Kong-based Hui Lau Shan in February 2019 at SM Megamall.

The Mango Chewy Ball is a cross between mango sago and sorbet.

Hui Lau Shan is a chain of dessert shops that first sold herbal jelly and herbal tea from a trolley in the 1960s in Yuen Long, Hong Kong. Eventually, their menu expanded to include traditional Cantonese snacks and desserts like Red Bean Jelly and Pan Fried Radish Cake and Coconut Milk. But they eventually became known for their mango desserts, like the Mango Chewy Ball with mango ice cream, sticky rice balls (similar to mochi), and fresh mango chunks. 


Their Mango Mochi is handmade and made fresh at the store.

Their Philippine branch will also have mango mochi, traditional mango sago, and more treats. Knowing that most Filipinos love mangoes, Hui Lau Shan's desserts will surely tickle our taste buds. 

Hui Lau Shan is opening at SM Megamall Atrium, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City.

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We just can't get enough of this dessert!

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