5 Fun Ice Cream Topping Combos You Should Try

There is no better way to cool down than to indulge in several scoops of ice cream.


With summer in full swing, there is no better way to cool down than to indulge in several scoops of ice cream. Make your ice cream cup more exciting by dressing up this cold treat with a unique mix of textures and flavors. We’ve put together five ice cream topping combinations that make a perfect scoop (go for store-bought items and simple ingredients that may already be in your pantry!). What are your favorites?

Graham cracker crumbs + toasted marshmallows

Don’t you just love this campfire combo favorite? If you want a real kick when having marshmallows with ice cream, lightly brown your marshmallows to get that toasty flavor.  We recommend setting your mallows on a roasting sheet and give them a quick roast (watch closely!) in the oven.



Gummy bears + rainbow sprinkles

Kids will especially enjoy this mix! Nothing screams summer more than the bright colors of chewy gummy candies and rainbow sprinkles. We love how the gummy pieces firm up as you serve them along with your ice cream!




Salted caramel sauce + butter popcorn

Love caramel sauce on your ice cream? Throw in a few pinches of salt to cut back on the sweetness, and then balance it with buttery, crunchy popcorn. This combo is great for movie nights at home. 


Graham crackers + coffee jelly

Hot afternoons call for a quick cool down…and a caffeine fix! The strong flavors of coffee jelly gives your plain scoop of ice cream a perky punch. Add texture and crunch from crushed graham crackers and you’ve got a winning ice cream treat.


Chocnut + crumbled butter cookies

The toasty, nutty notes of Chocnut complement the crunch of butter cookies when mixed in with smooth ice cream. Choose an ice cream flavor with slightly bitter notes so that the sweetness of these toppings do not overpower. We suggest going for flavors such as dark chocolate or coffee!


Looking for more ice cream ideas? CLICK HERE to watch how you can make fun ice cream sandwiches.


Photography by Riell Santos


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