Ichiran Ramen Will Be a Little Closer to Manila With This Pop-Up

Check them out on your next SG trip!

While Metro Manila is not lacking in ramen places, we still have Ichiran Ramen on our wishlists of ramen-ya that we wish would open in the Metro. Well, this news could give you some hope: Ichiran is opening a pop-up on Orchard Road in Singapore from October 3 to 20.

Ichiran will be only be offering 700 bowls of ramen per day at their pop-up
PHOTO BY Ichiran official website

The pop-up, which is happening at Takashimaya Square, won't provide the same experience of individual booths where you can enjoy your bowl, the way you would at actual Ichiran branches. Ichiran will also be using the instant version of their signature tonkotsu ramen, which they will then top with spring onions. Still, as Ichiran doesn't have a Southeast Asia branch, this gives us hope that they'll open an actual branch in Singapore-and also hopefully in Manila! If you can't make it to Singapore, you can check out our guide to ramen, udon, and soba spots in Manila in the meantime.

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The Ichiran pop-up is opening in Singapore at Takashimaya Square, 391A Orchard Road, Singapore.

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