You CAN Bake These Cakes At This Baking Studio

You can get some help to make these gorgeous cakes a reality!


Have you always wanted to make your own magnificently decorated cake but fear what it might (tragically) look like in reality if you don't nail it? We have good news: the odds of you accomplishing that cake are in your favor, especially if you sign up to make it at IDIM DIY Bakery


IDIM BIY Bakery is the newest bakery studio that offers classes to teach you step-by-step how to create gorgeous cakes. It's a fully hands-on bakery class since you will not only be baking the cake but you will also be doing the frosting of the cakes and decorating it to your heart's desire. 

While it's not the first of its kind in the metro, it's a baking studio that can definitely win your heart with its gorgeous line-up of cakes, pastries, and other baked goods that you can do all by yourself! From a showstopping Darling Angel Princess Cake (P1,299), a classic vanilla cake with a light cream filling, to the simpler but still pretty cake like the Blushing Velvet Cake (P799), you can be sure to find a cake to make that you will find delicious as well as within your budget. 

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You can make either the Candy Crystal Cave Cake or the Lilac Crystal Sky Money Cake for a limited time only!
Photo by IDIM DIY Bakery

Just in case you're not that confident yet or are hesitant to do it solo, rest assured that IDIM DIY Bakery has assistant bakers. They will be on hand to help you, from measuring the ingredients accurately so your cake is baked successfully to decorating it so your baked creation is a masterpiece when you leave with it! 

Here are just some of the gorgeous cakes you can choose from their list of cake sessions: Over Clouds and Rainbows Cake (P1,499), a rainbow cake with cream filling; Red Queen Cake (P1,499), a classic red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting; Royal Mousse Cake (P1,299), another classic cake with ube and pudding covered in whipped cream; and Choco Banana Cream Cake (P899), a moist chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filled with fresh bananas and whipped chocolate cream. 

You can create these gorgeous cakes (Over Clouds and Rainbows Cake, left, and Matcha Red Bean Crepe, right) at IDIM DIY Bakery.
Photo by IDIM DIY Bakery

They even have seasonal cake sessions which are offered for a limited time only at the baking studio. The current cakes on this special list are the Candy Crystal Cave Cake (P1,499) with its "gem crystals" made of crystallized sugar, and the Lilac Crystal Sky Money Cake (P1,699) which features real money in a crystal globe on top! 

Not a fan of cake? How about pastries such as Creamy Custard Puffs (P899) or cream puffs; [Au]some Princess macarons (P699), delicate French almond meringue cookies filled with strawberry buttercream; or a Matcha Red Bean Crepe Cake (P1,299)? You can make these, too, plus other baked goodies that may be more to your taste and skill if you're still unsure of your abilities. 

Are you game to make these cream puffs or French macarons?
Photo by IDIM DIY Bakery

Whatever your baking desire, you might find the right baking class with IDIM DIY Bakery, and with a little help from the baking team there, learn how to do it yourself with sure success. You can even schedule the baking session for birthdays and other special occasions if you want others to join in the baking fun. 

IDIM DIY Bakery is located at 4/F, Atrium, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City. It's open from 10 a.m to 9 p.m. on Mondays to Fridays and 10 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. Visit their website or follow them on Facebook or Instagram for more information. 


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