IKEA Will Work With Filipino Farmers For Their Menu

What do you think will be on IKEA's menu?

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As with any foreign restaurants who expand their reach to Philippine shores, it is often (if not always) a wise move to add a Filipino element to their foreign menu, as it will give us Filipinos a sense of familiarity-plus, it's much easier to source ingredients. Recently, international brands that opened in the Philippines have done this by incorporating flavors like ube to their menu. The same thing will happen to IKEA, a famous Swedish furniture brand, as it is set to open their largest branch yet in the Philippines this 2020 at Mall of Asia.

Which ingredients do you think they will be sourcing in the Philippines?
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According to an interview by ABS-CBN, IKEA will be sourcing produce from our local farmers for their restaurant when it opens next year. George Platzer, IKEA's Southeast Asia Development Manager, said in the interview, "We are going to source some products for our IKEA restaurant. So, we already started to visit farms here in the Philippines. So, we are going to have a fantastic offer which should be healthy food and we are going to source organic food for our customers here in the Philippines."

Different types of Filipino sausages!
Photo by Majoy Siason
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George Platzer says that they are in talks with farmers from Baguio and Southern Luzon, which makes us wonder what are the different produce that they will be sourcing from the different regions of the Philippines. Do you think there will be strawberries and crisp vegetables from Baguio? What about coconut, green mangoes, durian, or langka? Your guess is as good as ours.


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