Indian Food Mash-Ups That You Need to Try

Keep calm and curry on!

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At Naan, one of the newer members Kapitolyo's sprawling food scene, tasty and colorful Indian food gets reinvented-unfamiliar dishes are now familiar and appealing plates and most of all, recognizable to the Filipino palate.



Head cook and owner Alder Surposa turns Indian classics into fun, approachable, and easy to eat dishes-here are the noteworthy items on Naan's menu that will make you fall in love with bold Indian flavors.


While the naan, a classic Indian flat bread, in this restaurant pays its respects to the traditional recipe (get it here!), it is served in a unique manner: soft taco-style!




The soft naan is topped with grilled chicken tikka, spiced crispy chickpea noodles, mango chutney, yogurt, pickled red onions, mint, and cilantro. Pick it up with your hands, fold it over like you would with a soft taco, and bite into it.  Drizzle green pepper salsa over it for extra heat.


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You can also keep it simple and opt to choose one of their set meals: it has all the components you need to get your Indian food fix. These set meals are reminiscent of Filipino-style rice meals served with different viands, where the curry is treated like a dipping sauce for your meat.


Naan's Chicken Thali, an easy best-seller of theirs, has grilled chicken tikka, spicy masala tikka curry, turmeric rice with green cardamom and star anise, a simple kachumber salad of chopped veggies, homemade yogurt, and the classic Indian syrupy doughnut-like dessert, gulab jamun, all thrown into one large plate. It's a mix of spicy, herby, and savory flavors-testaments to the satisfying appeal of Indian food well made.


Naan is located at 2/F 16 United Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City. Follow them on Instagram


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