What Do the Yummy Editors Keep Inside Their Refrigerators?

Check out all our favorite food picks and ingredients!



We promise-we're just like you guys! In between photo shoots, video productions, and recipe testing, we hustle over to the grocery after work and make it home just in time to whip up something quick to eat. Here's a quick look at the contents of our refrigerators at home: these are all of our favorite ingredients and can't-live-without essentials. What do you think is inside?





Paulynn Chang-Afable, Editor in Chief, Yummy magazine

"I have cheese, jam, and eggs in the fridge; and sausages, croissants, and other breads and baked goods (including cookies!) in the freezer. I'm a big fan of long, leisurely breakfasts during weekends and I can throw something together in a snap with these staples."

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Trixie Zabal-Mendoza, Managing Editor, Yummy.ph

"I stock up on the essentials: eggs, cheese, milk, ground pork or beef (always handy for unplanned meals), and fruits for my daughter."



Jon Tolentino, Art Director, Yummy magazine

"We've got ready-to-go food picks in our fridge! There's a big batch of whole wheat pasta with spicy sardines and mushrooms, and a couple of jars of overnight oats."


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Rachelle Santos, contributing Food Director, Yummy magazine

"If you look inside my refrigerator, you will find Valencia oranges, apples, organic veggies like zucchini, cucumber, carrots, French beans, and beets!"



Anna Felipe, Managing Editor, Yummy magazine


"I have a 9-month old daughter, which is why our fridge is loaded with fresh vegetables. We have plastic containers filled with leftovers, too. We usually turn what was left over from dinner into a new meal for breakfast or lunch the following day."



Idge Mendiola, Associate Editor, Yummy magazine

"You'll see dairy-eggs, butter, milk, cheese. They're best for quick, tasty fixes! Fluffy scrambled eggs, anyone?"



Riell Santos, Senior Multimedia Producer, Yummy.ph

"I'm more of a quick grab-and-go person, so I always have bread, cold cuts, lettuce, and tomatoes for sandwiches."



Chino Cruz, Editorial Assistant, Yummy magazine

"I'm pretty big on preserved food like pickles, jams and anything fermented, so you'll see things like gochujang, shiro miso, and fun fruit jams made with banana, passionfruit or raspberry."



Cat Altomonte, Assistant Food Editor, Yummy.ph

"Our home fridge is loaded with all my baking favorites: butter, heavy cream, chocolate, and all kinds of nuts. My favorite thing in the fridge right now, however, is my mom's homemade kombucha!"





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