For The Lactose Intolerant: This Is The Nutty Milk You Can Drink

Almonds and cashews are made into delicious milk!

IMAGE Roselle Miranda

If you've been shying away from dairy because of lactose intolerance, there are loads of options now available in the market. It's Nut Milk is the nuttiest milk you can have because this milk is literally made with real nuts! 

It's Nut Milk is a plant-based drink made with nuts, soaked and then blended until the mixture looks and feels like fresh cow's milk. It's then filtered so all you get is a silky smooth texture with every sip. Plus, these are lactose-free so it's not just perfect for anyone who needs dairy-free alternatives but it's also vegan-friendly, too. 


The nut milk comes in different variants in either the 500-ml or 1-liter bottles:

  • • Almond Milk Plain (P195/P360)
  • • Almond Milk Sweetened (P205/380)
  • • Almond Milk Vanilla-Sweetened (P210/P390) 
  • • Cashew Plain (P180/P340)
  • • Cashew Coconut (P195/P360)

The almond milk is super nutty with its rich taste while the cashew is nutty but lighter in flavor. The addition of coconut gives the cashew milk a delicious sweetness without the added sugar. Try the plain variants with cereal and the sweetened milk for drinking on its own.    

If you love your nut milk so much you need a regular supply, you can avail of their monthly subscription service! You'll receive 8 liters a month: That's 16 500-ml or 8 1-liter bottles of your choice. Plus, bottle returns are also available for its regular customers, so you know you're getting delicious nutty milk and helping recycle bottles, too. 

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It's Nut Milk is available for advance order via its Instagram and Facebook accounts or via text message at (0917) 816-8941. The cut-off of orders is every Thursday and the full payment deadline is every Friday. Pick-up of orders are done every Saturday with the delivery courtesy of the customer. 




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