These Jumbo Pastillas Are Not Made With Your Ordinary Ingredients

It's a healthier version, too!

Just because it's the holidays, doesn't mean you should eat all the sinfully and indulgent food served at most get-togethers. Why not strike a balance between all of these delicious temptations with a guilt-free dessert? We found a new take on the classic pastillas that are made healthier. Meet Iya's Jumbo Pastillas' Coco Sugar Pastillas (P350).

Photo by Iya's Jumbo Pastillas

Pastillas is that milk-based confection that we can't get enough of, no matter what kind of version it is. Instead of the common white sugar that's used in making pastillas, Iya's Jumbo Pastillas uses coconut sugar for these sugar pastillas. Because it uses coconut sugar, these treats are low in the glycemic index, which is the "measure of the rate at which ingested food causes the level of glucose in the blood to rise." It's the perfect Christmas gift for those who are watching their sugar intake or are diabetic.

Better order through their official website because there are only limited stocks available! 

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