This Mom Creates Super Cute Character-Inspired Dishes For Her Son

From the big screen, right to your dinner plate!

IMAGE Jacob's FOOD Diaries official Facebook page

Can you imagine how fun it would be to have your meals and dishes look like your fave cartoon characters? Laleh Mohmedi does just that! Her Instagram, jacobs_food_diariesfeatures a food diary she dedicates for her son, Jacob, and showcases the healthy dishes she makes that look like cartoon characters!

Are you a fan of Wreck-It Ralph? If you cannot wait for Wreck-It Ralph 2, then this Ralph dish will surely get you more excited! Laleh created Ralph's face by using Wagyu with mash potato (dyed using beetroot juice), red capsicum, carrots and green beans.

If you're more of a Disney Princess fan, you will love Laleh’s creations featuring Belle and Snow White. Belle, from Beauty and the Beast, is made from Waygu souvalaki, while Snow White is made from pancakes and fruit. 



Laleh even creates dishes that will make the kids-at-heart excited too! She did a dish featuring Will Smith during his nostalgic Fresh Prince era and the hilarious Ellen Degeneres where she used pasta to mimic Ellen’s blonde hair.



If you can’t get enough of this adorable mother and son tandem, you have to subscribe to their Youtube channel! They do unboxing videos of new toys, and if you are as curious as we are on how Laleh creates these plates, you can totally recreate or draw inspiration from their video featuring Jack-Jack Parr—the super cute baby from The Incredibles. And even though there are currently six videos uploaded, we sure can't wait to see more of Laleh's creations! 





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