Build a Japanese Pantry with These Grocery Essentials

Use these ingredients to make dishes like katsudon, homemade sushi, and more.

IMAGE courtesy of Rustan's Supermarket

There’s no doubt about it: Japanese food and ingredients are easy favorites when it comes to both eating out and cooking at home. Here’s an easy way to build a pantry that holds all your favorite Japanese essentials—use these ingredients to make dishes like poke bowls, homemade sushi, katsudon, and more: 


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Make a colorful, delicious poke bowl at home!



1 Nori

Nori is the paper-thin, dark green seaweed often used for making sushi, for topping rice, or for plain snacking. Use nori to make homemade kani maki

This kani maki recipe makes use of local heirloom rice!




2 Mirin

Mirin is a Japanese rice wine often used in whipping up sauces for either seasoning or as a condiment on the side. It's sweet and light and is the perfect addition to your simple stir-fries and marinades. 



3 Tonkatsu sauce

Dip those strips of crunchy tonkatsu into tasty Bulldog tonkatsu sauce! 

These crispy, tender pork cutlets are a guaranteed hit! Make this Japanese favorite at home with this recipe.




4 Sushi rice

Whether you're throwing together a D-I-Y poke bowl or giving homemade sushi a go, sushi rice is a must! 



5 Soba noodles

There are so many things you can do with buckwheat noodles: stir-fries, salads, and soups! 


This peanut sauce is both creamy and dreamy!


You can easily find these ingredients at local supermarkets. Make your way to Rustan’s Supermarket today until the 7th of May for their Japanese Food Fair to stock up on all your favorite ingredients.


For more information on Rustan's Supermarket's Japanese Food Fair, visit


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