PSA: J.CO Just Launched A New Two-In-One Donut!

It has a tasty cream filling.

IMAGE Facebook/J.CO Donuts & Coffee, Philippines

There's nothing wrong with relying on our favorite donuts to bring us that much-needed, sugary comfort in times of celebration and most especially in times of stress and heartbreak. Luckily, there are also new donut flavors to try out! If you're game to try a new donut flavor, one of the latest donut creations you can now try is J.CO Donuts & Coffee's Dynamo Duo, a cream-filled two-in-one ring donut.

Photo by Facebook/J.CO Donuts & Coffee, Philippines

J.CO Donuts & Coffee's new Dynamo Duo features a silky layer of cappuccino chocolate glaze that's topped with crunchy, roasted peanut chunks on one side, while the other half of the donut is topped with chocolate rice crisps. This ring donut is piped with coconut cream to make each bite more flavorful and a delightful donut experience.

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