John Legend Can Make Some Mean Mac and Cheese

This is a classic, comforting, and easy-to-make mac and cheese recipe!


Who knew? While Chrissy Teigen is known to be the Internet’s favorite food person and a top-notch home cook and cook book author herself, it looks like John Legend can also cook up a storm! This mac and cheese recipe is an approachable one: home cooks can easily get behind it. If you’ve been looking for a quick, classic, and comforting mac and cheese recipe, this one may be it! Get the full recipe on


Looking for more mac and cheese recipes? Here is every recipe that you could possibly need. 



1  Stovetop Mac and Cheese 

This mac and cheese recipe is easy: no oven needed, and it comes out all soft, gooey, and extra cheesy.



2  Chorizo Mac and Cheese

Spice up the regular mac and cheese recipe a little bit. This recipe has lots of tasty chorizo and pimiento!




3  Dairy-Free Mac and Cheese 

Going easy on your dairy intake? You can replicate the creamy texture of cheese sauce with a puree of carrots, potatoes, and cashews.



4  Creamy Bacon Mac and Cheese

This mac and cheese recipe is baon-friendly! Pile on the extra bacon. 




5  Squash Mac and Cheese

Do a play on the classic mac and cheese with a smooth, creamy, and thick squash mac and cheese. 



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Nothing spells comfort food like mac n' cheese!

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