Tipid Tip: Jollibee's Burger Steak Family Pan vs. Burger Steak Rice Meal

Saan ba talaga mas sulit?

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Fast food chains offer a lot of good deals on the menu, like the value meals and family-sized portions which are both sold at a much affordable price. Case in point: Jollibee has recently launched a family-sized Burger Steak pan that either has six pieces or eight pieces of their beefy patty swimming in their signature gravy, topped with slices of mushroom.

At first glance, one might think Jollibee Burger Steak Family Pan is sulit, but is it really? Let's find out:

Jollibee's Burger Steak prices:

Jollibee's 8-piece Burger Steak Family Pan (no rice): P360

Jollibee's 1-piece Burger Steak Solo (with rice): P50

Rice: P30

Jollibee's 1-piece Burger Steak Solo vs 8-piece Burger Steak Family Pan

If you buy eight of the 1-piece Burger Steak Solo, this will cost P400. This is more expensive than the 8-piece Burger Steak Family Pan which only costs P360. But you have to take into account that the eight 1-piece Burger Steak Solo meals have eight servings of rice included.


To have a fair comparison, you have to compare the 8-piece Burger Steak Family Pan with eight additional servings of rice which cost P600 versus the eight servings of of 1-piece Burger Steak Solo which only costs P400. Obviously, the latter is cheaper.

Which option is more sulit?

It is more sulit to buy the eight sets of 1-piece Burger Steak Solo than the 8-piece Burger Steak Family Pan plus an additional eight servings of rice. You can save as much as P200 by picking the eight separate Burger Steak rice meals.

Another reason why the eight sets of 1-piece Burger Steak Solo (P400) is more sulit is that you are paying the price of the 8-piece Family Pan (P360) and an additional P40 for the eight servings of rice, which then makes the serving of rice only P5 each. According to Jollibee's menu prices, a separate serving of rice costs P30.

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This might be a stretch, but if you're still thinking that the 8-piece Burger Steak Family Pan is more sulit because you have rice at home, that rice will still technically cost you money. You have to buy the rice, plus cooking it with your electric rice cooker or using your gas stove will still be counted as expenses on your electricity bill or LPG consumption.


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