#KwentongJollibee Valentine Series Proves That Food Is the Real MVP

Here are our favorite food moments from Jollibee's Valentine Series.

If there is one thing that Jollibee’s recent Valentine’s Day-themed digital shorts prove, aside from the fact that you should never order two pieces of spicy Chickenjoy with extra rice unless you want to get your heart broken, it is that food is universal. Food stands as common ground to bring people together, regardless of age, background, and culture. Aren’t some of your best memories built around meals shared with loved ones?


Here are our favorite food moments from Jollibee’s  Valentine Series. Brace yourself: you might be reaching for that box of Kleenex sooner than you think!


1  Best friendships revolve around Chickenjoy.

You know that a best friendship was meant to be when you and your buddy have the same exact order—in Jollibee, no less! Watch the full video here.



2  If you are torpe, a Yum Burger with Cheese will do the work for you.

To all the shy guys out there: Jollibee just gave you a life hack that actually works! Watch the full video here.



3  Meal time is quality time.

Jollibee nailed this one from last year's campaign—there is no better time to engage in good and meaningful conversation with your loved ones than over a shared meal. Watch the full video here.


There is only one question about these videos that had scratching us our heads—why didn't anyone order a tuna pie?!


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