Make Coffee, Tea, Or Instant Noodles Anytime With This Foldable Kettle

Keep it on your office desk!

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Caffeine addicts and tea lovers, you'd probably agree that your favorite drinks are best served freshly brewed or steeped, right when the water comes out of the kettle. They don't quite hit the spot in the same way once they've been sitting in a tumbler for some time and you take your first sip at work. You can of course buy a freshly brewed cup from your fave coffee shop if you'd prefer, but it's not exactly a budget-friendly habit to keep up. If you'd like to have a hot cup of coffee or tea from your office without having to spend on a cafe-made drink every day, you'll want to cop Joyoung's foldable electric kettle ASAP!

Here's a peek at how this cool device can be folded into a bag-friendly size.
Photo by Joyoung

Simply keep the compact silicone device in your bag and bring it out when you're ready to make a drink. When folded, it's only about half as tall as the average smart phone and about as wide as your hand, so you'll have no problem fitting it in your purse. Unfold it into its full size and plug it into any regular socket to get started. It holds up to 550 mL of water, which would be just enough for a cup for yourself.

Pour in the water, press the button, and let the appliance works its magic. Be sure to keep the lid on when your water is heating up. Once your water is finished heating up, the light around the circular button will turn off on its own to let you know it's done. Pour into your mug or tumbler and make instant coffee or leave a teabag inside to steep. You can even use it to make instant noodles! It has a little spout on the top as well as an anti-slip ring on the bottom to prevent any accidental spills and it comes with a mini folding cup in a matching color that you can drink out of.

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Now you can boil water for your drinks or instant noodles anytime, anywhere.
Photo by Joyoung
Keep the device on your desk in case you'd want more tea or coffee later in the day.
Photo by Joyoung
It even comes with a foldable cup that you can drink out of.
Photo by Joyoung

Available on Lazada for P2,986.


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