This Pink Air Fryer Exists And It’ll Look So Cute in Your Kitchen

For an IG-worthy countertop.

The air fryer has been one of the trendiest kitchen appliances around for a few years now. The device, which cooks food by circulating hot air inside its compartment, is a popular alternative to conventional pan frying as it requires less oil. That means less fat intake and no oil-splattering while you cook. Plus, the dry heat cooking method makes food crispy while keeping it moist inside, so it's a great way to level up your home-cooked meals. If you've been resisting buying your own air fryer all this time, here's something that might finally convince you: Asian appliance brand Joyoung makes a pink air fryer that will look adorable on your countertop!

The device looks similar to most air fryers you would see on the market with a pull-out, drawer-like compartment for your food and a timer for cooking. That means you can prepare your food, put it in the appliance, set the timer, and leave it alone while you get other things done around the house. Easy peasy!


And who can resist that pastel pink color? It'll look oh-so cute in your kitchen. You may want to cop this pink multipurpose cooker, too, just to add more pops of pink to your countertop. The air fryer also comes in a soft baby blue shade as well as a sleek white design. Choose whichever one best suits your style and your kitchen's aesthetic!

Here's a peek at each of the colors:

Joyoung Air Fryer in Pink
Photo by Joyoung
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Joyoung Air Fryer in Blue
Photo by Joyoung
Joyoung Air Fryer in White
Photo by Joyoung

The Joyoung air fryer is available on Lazada for P6,500.


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