Judy Ann Santos' New Creation Combines Two Kinds Of Champorado In One Tub

It's topped with pastillas, cheese, and cereal!

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In case you didn't know, Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo's food business Angrydobo is a restaurant that specializes in adobo. The couple opened the restaurant in 2019 but has since then expanded its adobo menu to include other delicious dishes with a twist such as the Kanchos (their take on nachos), Tokwa't Dobo, and ChocNut Sansrival.

On weekends, Angrydobo has a Sunday Market Online Live Selling via their official Facebook page where they get to experiment with creating dishes and sell them in limited quantities-solely during that Sunday morning.


Angrydobo has offered the likes of Kaldedobo (kaldereta + adobo), Bangus Laing, and the crowd-favorite YinYang Champorado (P485), a tub filled with white chocolate champorado and dark chocolate champorado topped with Himalayan salt and peanuts. On April 23, the Agoncillo family announced that this champorado dish has officially "graduated" and is a permanent item on the Angrydobo menu.

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During the April 25 live session, Judy Ann introduced her new baby in the YinYang family: Ube Mais (P440). This has ube halaya champorado (with real ube halaya!) on one side and mais champorado with langka on the other. The mais champorado is topped with cereal and huge cheese bits, while the ube champorado is topped with burnt pastillas.

While the Ube Mais isn't a permanent item like its predecessor YinYang Champorado, you can try your luck and get your hands on a tub during Angrydobo's Sunday Market Online Live Selling through their Facebook page. The Facebook live starts by 8 a.m. every Sunday morning.


Hopefully, Ube Mais will also "graduate" and become a permanent item on the menu so more people get to try it!

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