You Can Get This Huge Serving of Laksa Good For Four People For Just P590

Perfect for the rainy weather!

The rainy season is upon us, which means a whole new class of cravings is afoot: Warm beverages like tsokolate and coffee or steaming hot meals like ramen, soup, champorado, or lugaw are probably what come to mind. If you're looking for a unique meal that's perfect for when the winds howl and the raindrops pitter patter on the rooftop, consider this for your next weekend lunch: Online food shop Julien and Joachim's Kitchen makes a huge serving of Laksa that's good for four people and you can get it for just P590!


Laksa is a spicy noodle soup originating in Southeast Asia; you're likely most familiar with the dish due to its popularity in Singaporean cuisine. It consists of thick wheat or rice noodles in a spicy-sour, coconut-milk based soup and usually contains either chicken, prawn, or fish along with some veggies. If you haven't tried the dish or are just craving something warm and spicy to match the sweater weather, you can treat your family to this delicious meal without breaking your budget!

In case you're dining solo, no worries because Julien and Joachim's also has a serving good for one person and you can get it for just P165.

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You can order Julien and Joachim's Laksa by sending a message to their Facebook page or contacting them at (0908) 898-1215.



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