Serious Kakanin Fans Need To Try This Biko And Sapin-Sapin

Order for the weekend ASAP.

Most of us grew up trying at least one kind of kakanin or rice cake: The puto or the pichi-pichi that came from the store, the colorful and layered sapin-sapin at family celebrations, or even the biko your grandparents made at home. If kakanin is something that you enjoy eating, you have to try out Minatamis' versions.

A small business run by cookbook author and food writer Angelo Comsti with business partner Ed Mateo, Minatamis currently has four items on the menu: biko (P300), sapin-sapin (P280), maja blanca (P280), and cassava cake (P450).


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The kakanin is only available on specific days and slots for orders easily ran out on the first month of selling. It's easy to see why: no scrimping on ingredients here and each kakanin went through rounds of recipe development until they had a version Comsti and Mateo liked.  

The sapin-sapin's layers each have its own distinct flavor and is made with freshly squeezed coconut milk. You'll especially love the thick ube layer on top! The biko is dense and topped with caramel-like latik that has just the right amount of sweetness; you'll want to ask for seconds. They also have maja blanca and cassava cake on the menu.


Orders are taken on Mondays for Thursday and Sunday pick-up. Visit their Instagram page for the order form and updates.



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