You Can Get This 14-Inch Platter Of Assorted Kakanin For Just P590

It includes biko, bibingka, cassava cake, kutsinta, pichi-pichi, and so much more!

Are you even Pinoy if you don't love kakanin? Good old-fashioned sweet treats made of glutinous rice always taste like home. Whether it's a quiet Sunday breakfast, a trip to your home province, or a big party with your titos and titas, you'll find kakanin on the table. If you're craving the comfort and simplicity of a classic kakanin, there are many shops in the Metro that deliver it. But if you just can't decide what kind to order, we found a way you can get all your faves in one go: Online shop Kakanin Klub makes an assorted kakanin platter with over 10 different kinds of kakanin on it and you can get the whole bilao for just P590!


This 14-inch platter includes biko, bibingka malagkit, cassava cake, kutsinta, maja blanca, pichi-pichi, puto, puto cheese, sapin-sapin, suman, and ube de leche. Whether you're buying it to share at home or sending it as a gift, everyone will be able to find a treat they love. Plus, the mix of colors and textures will look oh-so appetizing on your dinner spread or buffet table!

You can order Kakanin Klub by sending a message to their Instagram page or by contacting them through Viber at (0917) 810-7613.


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