Satisfy Your Ube + Cheese Craving With This Sorbetes In A Pint!

Sorbetes at home? Why not!

IMAGE Kalye Sorbetes

When was the last time you had sorbetes? If you're feeling a little impatient waiting for manong sorbetero to pass by your neighborhood, you can just stock your freezer with pints of sorbetes from Kalye Sorbetes.

Kayle Sorbetes' Kape del Pan has bread bits!
Photo by Kalye Sorbetes

Kalye Sorbetes offers five different flavors, wittingly named after Metro Manila locations. The Chocolocan is a milk chocolate-flavored sorbetes made with local tablea and topped with chocolate bits, the Kape Del Pan is made with coffee-flavored sorbetes with added bread bits, and the Manggahan is a mango-flavored sorbetes with bits of dried yellow mango.

You can't go wrong with a classic cheese sorbetes.
Photo by Kalye Sorbetes
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For those who love cheese, Kalye Sorbetes offers two cheesy sorbetes flavors. The Quezo Avenue is your regular cheese-flavored sorbetes, while the Ubelt is a combination of ube halaya-flavored sorbetes with cheddar cheese bits. 

Kalye Sorbetes' sorbetes flavors cost P495 per half gallon. To place an order, you can fill up this order form.



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