Get a Taste of Hong Kong’s Kam’s Roast in Manila

Kam's Roast has earned Michelin stars for four straight years.

If you've heard of Kam's Roast in Hong Kong, you would know that people line up for hours just to get a taste of their signature roast goose. Thankfully, you don't need to get on a plane for a taste of their roast meats: Kam's Roast is opening on May 15 at the Mega Fashion Hall. This will be the first franchise outside of Hong Kong.


According to Eric Dee of FOODEE Global Concepts who acquired the Philippine franchise, the Manila branch will have the same menu as Singapore and unfortunately, goose won't be on the menu. But everything else on the menu is worth a try and they promise to deliver the same mouthwatering quality the brand is known for.




What to order? Make sure to have Kam's Roast Duck served with plum sauce, with flavorful meat under a golden, crispy skin; Lava Century Egg, a creamy version that will ruin you for the run-of-the-mill century eggs you will have after trying this; and Kam's Roast Char siu, sticky, crimson-colored slices of tender barbecued pork and flavored with just enough sweet and savory flavors that you'll want more than one piece. Kam's Roast also serves a more fatty version, the toro char siu which literally melts in your mouth. You can't go wrong with ordering noodles with shrimp roe or rice to go along with all these, too. 



Fans and curious foodies may not need to get on a plane for these roast meats but we can't guarantee the lines will be shorter.




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