Kare-kare, Tofu, and Scrambled Egg Recipes Are Among What Pinoys Searched for in 2017

These are the recipe-related searches Pinoys made on Google!

According to Google Trends’ 2017 search report, “kare-kare”, “tofu recipes,” and “scrambled egg recipes” are among the most searched in the recipe category in the Philippines in 2017. “Ketogenic diet recipes” also makes it to the list with the growing interest in the no-sugar, high-fat diet.


Here are the recipe-related searches Filipinos made in 2017:


1 Kare-kare recipes

This peanut-based stew is obviously a favorite!



2 Healthy chicken breast recipes

Chicken breast is accessible, easy-to-cook, and versatile. No wonder it’s almost always a staple in Filipino kitchens.



3 Zucchini recipes

Zucchini is a versatile vegetable: it can be added to burger patties, made into soup, chips, and even “noodles”!




4 Cauliflower recipes

This is one ingredient that can be made into a variety of sides! You can also use it as an alternative to your usual plate of grains.




5 Tofu recipes

Tofu is an easy ingredient to work with!





6 Scrambled eggs recipes

Who doesn”t love creamy scrambled eggs?



7 Baked potato recipes

There are numerous ways to enjoy baked potatoes!




8 Chop suey recipes

This veggie dish comes together in minutes!




9 Ground beef recipes

Ground beef is a wonderful protein to cook with for its affordability and versatility.




10 Fried rice recipes

There are so many ways to enjoy fried rice: add leftover meat, your fave veggies, even kimchi or aligue to fried rice!

Check out all our fried recipes recipes here.





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