These Animal-Shaped Dim Sum Buns Are So Kawaii

The cutest snack you'll ever see!

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If you love having sandwiches for merienda, Chinese dim sum buns are also a great option for mid-day snacking. You can hold them in one hand and eat them on-the-go or with minimal plates and utensils. The filling snack will keep you full for hours on end. Plus, they can be sweet or savory and made with a variety of fillings for a versatile dish that's suitable for all your crazy cravings. And if all that wasn't enough, this handy snack can be super cute, too! Case in point: Kawaii Milktea's Kawaii Friends Steamed Buns!


These dim sum buns are available in six variants: Kitty Tuna, a cute yellow cat bun with tuna and cheese filling; Hammy Bunny, a white bunny with pink features that has ham and cheese inside; Pandabola, minced pork with sausage and salted egg inside a little panda bun; Cocochoco, creamy chocolate filling in a mini bear bun; and Sweet Porky, a pig-shaped bun stuffed with sweet corned pork filling. You can get a box of six pieces for P300 or a dozen for P600. Mix and match the animals and flavors you want in each box!

You can get these as a cute and yummy treat for yourself and your family or even gift them to a friend who's obsessed with all things kawaii!

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Imagine receiving a food package this cute!
Photo by Instagram/kawaiimilktea

You can order Kawaii Milktea's Kawaii Friends Steamed Buns through their website.



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