KFC’s New Sundae Is Drizzled With Brown Sugar Syrup!

It's only P39!

We first fell in love with brown sugar syrup or arnibal when we first encountered taho. Now that it's become the latest food trend and there are more ways to appreciate this sweet syrup. If you're over the brown sugar in milk tea trend, why not try other desserts with this sweet syrup? Meet KFC's new soft-serve: Brown Sugar Sundae.

It has strips of nata de coco!

KFC's new Brown Sugar Sundae (P39/cup) is vanilla soft-serve ice cream drizzled with brown sugar syrup and topped with tiny strips of nata de coco. Unlike its brown sugar milk tea counterparts, KFC's Brown Sugar Sundae doesn't have that overwhelmingly sweet flavor. It's also a lot more affordable compared to what you can buy in milk tea shops.

We must admit that the idea of adding strips of nata de coco seems like an unlikely add-on (probably because we're so used to having it with sago), but it actually helps that its subtle tang provides a stark contrast to distinct flavor of burnt sugar and milky vanilla. If you're not keen on sour flavors though, you can try asking the server to leave the nata de coco or not put as much as required.

KFC's Brown Sugar Sundae (P39) is available in KFC branches.

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